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The Developmental Disabilities Division is housed within the University of Western Ontario's 'Department of Psychiatry' and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Developmental Disabilities affect approximately 3%of the population with about one third of individuals being severely to profoundly impaired. There is also well established evidence for the greater risk of mental health problems in individuals with Developmental Disabilities, categorized as Dual Diagnosis. With the de-institutionalization of people with intellectual handicaps over the past decade, there has been an increasing need to provide for these individuals within the community. This has necessitated the development of community services and, more significantly, an ongoing need to enhance the education of health care providers to this population.

Specific Areas of Function:

  • Education: Foster development of educational programs at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education).

  • Research: Provide a forum for developing and implementing a strategic research direction.

  • Clinical Service: Contribute to the definition, development and delivery mechanisms of new and innovative clinical service models, particularly those that are community based.


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Overall Goal

Promote optimum health care for persons with a developmental disability through education, research and service.



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